We can be your Fire Flower

Muthukumar Marappan3 years ago

When is the last time you made a business purchase that resulted in a significant increase in your profits? What if I told you that you could increase your profits by 10% just by making a switch? Absolutely no purchase necessary.Welcome to Zilra, where we don’t harass out customers, charge you hidden fees or hassle our customers’ clients with complicated paperwork or by asking them to visit the bank during working hours. All your customers have to do is mail us a check.

As fellow business owners, with all the noise out there in the payments industry, we noticed that there is absolutely nobody who would provide the service we were looking for. We wanted someone who could collect the payments from our clients abroad without causing them any inconvenience and transfer the same to us, charging us a reasonable fee – that’s all we wanted. We had just 3 options.

Paypal, Wire Transfer and International Checks.

International Checks take more than a month for the amount to reach our bank account and as such was not a practical solution for us consider.

International Wire Transfers made the most sensible option considering the reasonable fee charged by the banks. However, we found that it was a major inconvenience for our clients to complete the paperwork involved in sending out a wire transfer and visiting the bank during working hours. We had a really hard time convincing our clients to send us a wire.

Paypal was convenient for the clients and they were pretty convenient for us too (unless we had to call the customer care for some reason). However, they charged us a 9% fee (4.40% transaction fee and 5% currency conversion fee) and this was not reasonable.

We felt that there should be an easier, economic and customer-friendly service that enables us to receive payments from abroad and went forward to build one.

We take transparency very seriously here at Zilra and that’s why we’re clear about where we’ll be making money. Zilra is in the business of ‘moving’ money and as such it wouldn’t be fair to charge you a transaction fee or a conversion fee. All you’ll be paying us will be a withdrawal fee of $25, that too only when you choose to withdraw money from your wallet. A great product is one which boosts your business, one that gives you super-powers, like that of a Fire Flower that gives super-power to Mario. Zilra will increase your revenue by 10% and as such, will be your own Fire Flower.