What is Pre-launch?

Muthukumar Marappan3 years ago

Pre-Launch, by definition is something that is yet to be launched. Zilra, the application is yet to be launched in full but you can still sign-up as a user on our website and get your account verified.

Why is Zilra pre-launch?
We have incorporated our company in the US and India (the only two countries that we will be operating in right now). We have completed and tested the application on our end. There are a lot of industry specific technical standards to be followed by financial-technology companies which have been thoroughly complied by our application. The application is currently being tested for security and compliance by our banking partners whose approval is important for us to launch the full application. This is why Zilra is yet to be launched for the public.

But why did you put up a pre-launch version?
We believe that the first 1000 users, the early-birds, the people who show the utmost interest in our product are crucial to our company. Our early-bird users will be the ones who will have access to our company’s future plans, our early versions, our pre-launch features, etc. People who show real interest in our company are radically different from people who just use our product – we believe that the early-bird users are our brand ambassadors. We’re looking to sign-up our brand ambassadors before we launch the full application, we’re here to answer any and every question you may have.

Why should we sign-up to the pre-launch version?
You get a discounted withdrawal fee of $20 for life while the users who sign-up after launch will have to shell out an extra $5 every time that they withdraw. By signing-up in pre-launch version, you’ll saving a minimum of $60 in withdrawal fees (assuming you’re going to withdraw money from your wallet every month). You would of course get all kinds of goodies like free gifts, lucky-draws and lots of love that comes with being our brand ambassadors 🙂